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First of all, we had a mail run today. So I need to know, who had the truffles sent to me???

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
I so hope you are sleeping tonight.

Bob I wish I could send you a little water. The river is out, we are experiencing record flooding, it's been raining today and is snowing hard now.
I put the doggie out and I'm sure she said 'not this **** again."

(lw the first guy took the boat!)
Poor Chloe, she needs her fur petted off.

Too bad we can't send some of that water Bob's way, sounds like you've got enough to make a difference there.

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
Lone_Wolfe and I were chatting and she isn't feeling well. She was going to post but she said her hands were shaking and she was having sharp
chest pains. She called for a ride to the hospital, and they said they were on their way.

I'm very concerned about LW's inability to sleep lately. : hugs:: hugs:
LW, we all love you.
Thanks, I love all of you too.

I was having some sharp pains in one area of my chest last night that started getting worse all of a sudden around midnight. It felt like someone was sticking a knife in just to the right of my sternum just above ground zero. I hesitated taking my sleep meds because I thought I was going to end up walking to the hospital. Then it got so bad I didn't even trust myself to walk that short distance, so I called and someone came and picked me and Mandy up. Couldn't forget her, of course.

So I got in there and got a needle stuck in my arm and pretty doped up, when the PA on duty came in and stuck a needleful of something in my IV, then said "Say goodnight, Gracie". I said "Goodnight Gracie", and woke up to my doctor saying I'd missed mass. Of well, I didn't care. They's knocked me out, then let that wear off and switched me to sleep meds during the night, but some mega ones. Turns out the pain in my chest was from more of my terrorists abuse, and he gave me some muscle relaxers that I can take during the day to help the spasms relax. They seem to be helping, but my night ones are working even better.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Thanks, SG.

Get better, Wolfe.
I'm trying. How's things in your area? BTW, can I post that pic you sent me a coue weeks ago?

Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
Hi Sweetheart! Can I come out of hiding now? I'll wash and wax your Mustang. The sleep of the just Sweetheart.: hearts:: iloveyou:
No, you can't. One wash and wax just won't do it. You're not getting off that easy! I'll think of letting you come out of the cave once the car has an inch thick coat of wax on it!
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