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Originally Posted by cce1302 View Post
I open carry pretty often around South Bend/Mishawaka Indiana. Nobody cares.

Around Christmas, my brother came to visit, so we went to South Bend Chocolate Cafe for a coffee one night. We had to park a block away, and as we were walking toward the place (our coats covering our handguns) a SBPD car whips around and parks on the street, almost right beside us. THe officer gets out and crosses to the other side (away from us) in plain clothes and proceeds ahead of us (we were surprised at the way he parked, but it turned out he didn't care about us at all). Anyway, we ended up following him into the coffee shop at about 50 yds back. He was meeting his girlfriend there. We both turned on voice recorders as we normally do while open carrying, and as soon as we got inside we took off our coats because they had a couple fireplaces going and it was about 80 degrees. This caused us both to be open carrying (I, an N-frame S&W snubby, and he an XD9SC). We got in line sort of beside the police officer who kind of turned toward us, looked us both over for about 10 seconds, and proceeded to ignore us. It was pretty cool to have a police officer act in such a reasonable manner toward us because of all the horror stories that are made up about what will happen if anybody open carries.

we hung out there for about 2 hours, no more cops showed up or anything.

some good places to read about open carrying: (go to the indiana page) and They have a running thread "where did you open carry today?" that's been going for a couple years.

We talk about it on as well.
I'm all for open carry and do on occasion, but usually CC. But why the voice recorders? Were you hoping he would say something to you?..
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