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The Hämmerli 280 is the coalfibre framed pistol that never sold as well as the 208. I have shot it and find the balance great for a target pistol, it misses out on the fun factor. I have also shot a Browning International from the 70s extensively and found that to be an exceptionally accurate and well made gun and would clearly prefer a Medalist over the 280. Keep in mind that Hämmerli no longer exists and the 280 was not sold in large quantities, spare parts will be next to impossible to obtain.

You will have to do a research on the price on your own but if you let us know how much the shop is asking, we can probably tell you if it is in line with market values.

On Rimfirecentral you should find help for the price of the Browning, there is a lively Browning sub-forum on that site.

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