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Originally Posted by GMK View Post
I have a 9mm, 40s&w, and a 45acp along with my 357sig. My gun club has steel plates at their pistol range and I am able to shoot out all my ammo I bring with every gun except the 357sig.

The plates can take as much ammo I send down range with every gun. When I shoot them with the 357sig the welds break on the backs of the plates after a few rounds. That tells me the 357sig is hitting the plates with a lot more force than any of the other calibers.

Thats a fact the 357sig hits harder!!!!!
Oh yeah, well I can't take my .40 S&W to my gun range because people are afraid that it will blow them up.

The 357 SIG may hit ONE person harder, but my .40 kills EVERYBODY within a 100ft radius!!!!
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