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Originally Posted by bapak2ja View Post
My wife and I, along with my son (JCA1776) and his wife, and my unmarried son (Mk2ja) stopped at KFC in Auburn, IN off I-69, last night about 18:30. Mk2ja was OCing, JCA1776 and I were CCing. Our wives ordered first, then the guys; I joked with the cashier, who appeared to be a high-school age girl, and paid the bill. We served ourselves from the buffet and sat down at a corner table. I hung my coat on my chair before I sat down, revealing my weapon.

Shortly after saying grace, a young man walked up to me and said (verbatim as best as I can recall):

"Do you always carry guns into a family restaurant? You scared the crap out of my kids! Thanks a lot!"

He then turned and walked quickly away. Mk2ja called to him, "Have a good evening," but the rest of us made no reply. I had a mouthful of chicken, but I had no opportunity to reply anyway. The guy left too quickly.

At no point were were rowdy, noisy or threatening in any way. We just ordered, talked amongst ourselves, joked with the staff and picked up our food.

First of all, KFC made no indication of concern or displeasure about our weapons. The staff just took our order, gave us our cups for the drinks and went about their own business.

Second, I never saw the children. I vaguely remember seeing the man seated near the drinks bar on the other side of the shop from where we sat. I have no idea of how our weapons affected them.

From one perspective, the fault lies with the father. All he had to do was explain to his children that weapons are nothing to fear. They are useful tools for self-protection that must be handled wisely and properly; but in the hands of law-abiding and peaceful citizens, they ensure our liberty and safety.

From another perspective, OC frightens children and those unused to seeing weapons in public. Therefore, OC should not be practiced in family situations.

This leads to some questions as part of an AAR:
1. Should responsible citizens opt for CC to avoid frightening the children?
2. Does the father have a valid complaint?
3. Should we have followed the father into the parking lot and opened a can of "whup a**" on him? (OK, just kidding! It was a joke!)

What do you think?
None of the above - I think you handled it most appropriately!

In the final analysis you can't hide stupid!

Well Done Sir!
Cha togar m' fhearg gun džoladh
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