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I'm just sayin, if you only target shoot..... but you own a .40.... you wouldn't want 180 grain... and i know a lot of comp shooters that shoot 1911's, but they don't shoot the heavy loads. people want the light loads so they can manage the recoil better, get on target faster, ect.... where police and military are different, we want the heavier loads for more "stopping power" and penetration. but i differ from opinion with you in one area, as stated i work in law enforcement, so i train like i fight and fight like i train.... i don't "practice" or target shoot with .22, i shoot 180 gr .40 all the time, because that's what i carry on duty. but we are all different, and that's just my preference. i do occasionally plink with my .22 rifle... lol.... but handguns... right now I'm all .40 and thats only because my G31 was stolen a few years back and i never replaced it. but i respect the 357sig for the many qualities it has such as velocity and range..... those are both good qualities in my opinion.
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