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Originally Posted by glockfan5171 View Post
cant we all just get along, look... big freaking deal, some of us like the .357sig, and some of you don't.... . I for one do like the .357sig i have used it on duty as a cop and i have also used a .40.... just like we can argue the difference between a 12 gauge, 16 gauge or 20 gauge shot gun... it all comes down to one thing. What do YOU need a gun for, what is YOUR purpose for shooting and what do YOU like. because if your a target shooter that only puts holes in paper, maybe you want a light .40, if your a competition shooter maybe you want a light 9, if your a cop maybe you need 180 grain .40 or maybe you want the distance you can reach with a .357sig without the bullet drop.... everyone is different and we all have different reasons for shooting. buy what you need and stop trying to convince us we need what you have.....
When I just "want" to put holes in paper and plink around for no other reason than to plink, it's 22LR and/or 22MAG. Not something as expensive as 40 S&W.

Though, don't misunderstand, I do see your overall point. I was "just saying".

Oh yeah, you said; "if your a competition shooter maybe you want a light 9". I knew there had to be a reason people shoot 9, but could never put my finger on it. Thanks!
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