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Originally Posted by greenlion View Post
If .40 S&Ws can push a 135gr bullet to 1420 fps, PLUS a 165 gr @ 1240fps, plus a 180gr @ 1150fps, all the way up to a 200 gr @ 1100fps, why does anyone need the .357 sig?

The 125 grain .357 SIG is a smaller bullet and it only has 100fps higher velocity than the larger 135 gr .40S&W. If you up the weight of the .357 SIG to 147 grains, it only makes 1296fps, compared to a heavier 165gr .40S&W at 1240.

On top of that, Double Tap loads a 125 grain .40S&W load at 1445fps, lagging behind the .357 SIG round by only 5 fps.

I don't see the need to hang on to the .357 SIG round when it is already scarce on store shelves and is more difficult to reload and re-use brass, being a necked down cartridge.

Someone defend it and prove me wrong
I don't see the need for 40 S&W.

When you look at the idea between 40 S&W and 357 SIG from the standpoint what happens to the target (living or inanimate) after it's hit, what can't a 357 SIG do with a single bullet weight of 125 grains that a 40 S&W can do with any bullet weight?

My answer to that is nothing. The 357 SIG is virtually always better than or equal to 40 S&W, not the other way around. This based on leaving cost of ammo out of the equation, which appears to be more or less getting too close to worry about anyway.

You mentioned that Double Tap loads a 125 grain .40S&W load at 1445fps, lagging behind the .357 SIG round by only 5 fps. First of all, that's ONLY if DT isn't lying about the FPS, as they currently are with 10mm. And I'm not just talking about -50fps. I'm talking about +100fps in most cases.

That said, let's assume for a moment that Double Tap's 357 SIG and 40 S&W box flap claims are true. Well then DT also offers a 357 SIG 125gr JHP load at 1525fps. Now that becomes +80fps, not the +5 fps you mentioned earlier. Now some will say that still, 80fps ain't you know what. I don't agree as 80fps equals an additional 55mph. And in my book that's enough to make a positive difference in wounding and incapacitation of a threat. Your mileage may vary. Just my 2 cents.

All that said, I would never tell anyone they shouldn't carry 40 S&W. And for myself personally, I only carry 10mm which IMO outdoes either 357 SIG or 40 S&W.
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