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Originally Posted by duncan View Post
IIRC, there are some spots off of I-90 outside Issaquah but not as far as Cle Elum. Anyone?
Hey Duncan,

I think a lot of that was shut down some time ago. Last I recall was Exit 38, Exit 42 (or thereabouts, wherever Tinkum Rd was) as well as the USFS road 5010. Last time I was out there (probably 2002) a forest ranger harrassed my brother and me, though we were being totally safe.

The old spots off Sultan Basin Rd (anything before the 8-mi marker) have been dead for at least a decade, maybe longer, and everything beyond that has pretty much been shut down.

Great place was SE North Fork Rd outside of North Bend (nice sizeable pit a couple miles in), but tango uniform for 20 years now (trench dug across entrance and big concrete blocks with "NO SHOOTING" written on them). There *may* be something driving further in beyond that.

Yeah I know, not being much of a help here...more reminiscing now with a heavy heart :( Would love to know if anything's still out there, like the spots in Marcksworth State Forest (haven't been there since maybe '03).
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