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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
All subjective really. More energy; less than 50ft# means little to nothing, better accuracy, most shooters, even top LEO can't ring the best accuracy out of a service round. Flat shooting; every service caliber shoots the same to 50yds +/-1", since most shooters can't take advantage of that either, also means nothing. Reliability; again, maybe. The 357sig propensity for bullet setback could be more problematic than a straight wall case when rechambering rounds.
The Secret Service's findings were the result of objective testing which included extensive testing with hard barriers. I was asked why I re-barreled my .40 S&Ws to .357 SIG and provided the answer. I certainly wasn't trying to influence anyone in their personal defense cartridge selection - if you think .40 S&W or even .25 ACP serves you better, that's what I'd use.
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