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Originally Posted by Wyocop View Post
I hear that a lot but I recently bought 357 SIG/125 for $20.99. The .40/180 on the shelf next to it was $22.99. Both were Speer Gold Dot.
The FMJ .357sig at local shops is usually the worst however select online retailers are bad also. I take it prices you quoted were 20 round boxes which are a huge rip off. I buy GD and HST .357sig online for $30 for 50. If your interested in .357sig buy the ammo online if you don't reload. Currently one of the online ammo companies has FMJ Lawman .357sig for $15.95 for 50 when you buy 500 rounds which isn't bad at all. The cheapest FMJ local to me is $26 for 50 at Cabelas for WWB, local gun shops want over $30 for 50.
Sure, I will grant you, if you are sort of retarded, like maybe a liberal, then you may be more prone to doing something stupid, but don't blame the equipment.

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