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Originally Posted by RyanNREMTP View Post
A couple of years ago at swat training we found some plywood targets that were attached to metal fence posts. Most everyone was shooting target ammo which I think was American Eagle, I don't know what grain it was. Upon seeing this with a .40 cal bullet, I decided to get my conversion barrel and some target .357 Sig ammo and see what it would do.

This picture is the .40 cal bullets hitting just the fence post.
Caliber Corner

This picture is the .357 Sig bullets hitting the plywood and then going through the fence post.
Caliber Corner
I take it the .40 cal being shot that day were 165gr. or 180gr.? The 135 Gr .40 more than likely would have penetrated even less.

I'm glad the .357sig was developed and it serves a purpose. I just wish it was a more popular round and wasn't price gouged so bad.
Sure, I will grant you, if you are sort of retarded, like maybe a liberal, then you may be more prone to doing something stupid, but don't blame the equipment.
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