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Originally Posted by WIG19 View Post
I only stopped by to thank AZ Traveler for taking this over. The thread is not closed, it just had to be recreated under his name; in fact, your post is in the current thread right now. So post your input and AZ Traveler will be by as his time permits to fold it into the SN history lists above.

AZ Traveler: Thanks amigo, you rock.
Thanks WIG19 for the 6 years you put into this and thanks to AZ for stepping up.

My info:
PM40 WB10xx 2005
-> HS2000 Gen1 9mm
-> Kahr PM40
-> Beretta 96 .40, CTC Laser, Trijicon Night Sights
-> Astra A-100 9mm
-> Star Super S 9mm Corto/.380
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