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Well, I bought that Colt Huntsman from the Pawn Shop

I just completely stripped and cleaned and fired it - and it is in even better shape than I thought - doesn't appear to be shot much. And while the bottom edge of one grip is dinged up, there isn't a mark on the frame associated with the grip damage, so I do not know what the previous owner was doing with it - pounding the grip edge on a hard object of some kind. Also, I have attached the picture of the SS# that was poorly inscribed into the front strap. I have not decided what to do with this yet, but I will lightly sand the grips to remove the damage and refinish - I will have to think on the front strap of the grip. But I intend it primarily for pop can destruction.

The rest of the gun is pristine. I had some advice to make it a parts gun, that it was junk and worth a hundred dollars - but that was without pics - I paid $250 for it. I am very happy with my purchase - and another Colt goes into the stableRimfire ForumRimfire ForumRimfire Forum

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