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Faa, I'm not ignoring you, I'm just trying not to think about that right now. I will tomorrow, and I can't wait to see those bulletproof bracelets. BTW, can you make a time machine to go with them?

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
Yes I think he is right. Nothing you could have said or done would have stopped Greg from trying to save you that day. It was his decision and not yours.

How did you session go today? I hate to say this but I hope he made you cry again today. I know that sounds cruel but you really do need to get everything out of you.

Oh my. You may come to regret these words Engineer151515.: rofl:
Hey!!!!! You quit trying to scare Engineer off! Or are you trying to steal him away?

Today he didn't focus on Greg or anything to do with me getting shot and all that stuff. We all got some sad news this morning, Skidoo's brother died shortly before midnight his time zone.

My shrink was more focused on that today and trying to see if I needed to cry about that. I'm sure he'll be back to the usual torment tomorrow.

Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
Fairhope does have a small sandy access to Mobile Bay and a wonderful Pier. .......
How far are you from the pier? And does it have a rose garden in the middle of the parking lot? I think I've been there on my bike several years ago.

Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
Well, you said it.

It does sound like something you need to be doing.
Yep it does. But you know I've got no beach here.........

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
So, what happened today?

Are you still noticing your nightmares coming later in the night?

When will Dr. Nice be back?
My doc was due back today, but I didn't see him. He may just not have been around when I went in to see my terrorist. No change the last few nights in my nightmares, but I've been getting very little sleep, especially the last few days. BTW, my terrorist made me cry today. Who wants to chase him around with a bat?

My shrink didn't tear into me bad today, I think he cut me a break because I went in with the news that Skidoo's brother had died just hours before. I really think he had something else up his sleeve, but instead he asked be a bunck of stuff about Skidoo's family and any effect this has on me.

He asked how I found out (his sister's FB page), had I met the brother (yes), how many times (once). When did we meet (when I flew to WV in September), where did we meet (at the airport, then all of them that came to meet me went out to dinner). Why did they all want to meet me like that (because I sent the police to Skidoo's house when he had his stroke). Did I think he was a good person (yes), did they seem like a close family (very), are they anything like my family (night and day), would I trade my family for one like that (I think so), plus a bunch more stuff that I can't think of now. He also asked me to pass along his condolences to the family and friends.
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