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Greg did what he did because that's what he was trained to a buddy!

He did what many would have done, what I would have done, what many would have done.
You were spared he was not. It was destiny. You must move on. He is with you every day.
I do not really know you, many do not know you. However, many feel your pain.
Many can understand how you feel. We are here for you. You, like Jack, are an
inspiration for me. You are faced with such physical diversity, EVERY day, but you push on!

I am not a doctor, I am not an educated man. I am "Joe average" I got my degree in
life from the "school of hard knocks!" I see determination, grit and drive in you!
You are a great person, you should not feel guilty for Greg's death. He broke cover
to aid a comrade. Many have done it, many WILL do it.

Bracelets in the making.........promise with all my heart!
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