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Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
S_R, prayers for you...up and continous, same for Sawgrass...I hope your sister's recovery is quick and complete!!
I'm still praying for Silent_Runner, sawgrass' sister, Bob's parents-in-law, and others, too.

Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
: hugs: No squeezing Sweetheart. I know the session with your psychiatrist was rough on you. : hugs: I have no intention of scaring you like I did in July ever again.
I think if you pull another Skidoo your sister will take a bat to you long before I could ever even send Silent_Runner up to clobber you, so you'd better make good on your word.

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
That is an understatement. Wolfe are you doing OK now?

I'm still hanging in, does that count?

You live near the beach? Do you have a plan in place to get Wolfe out of the water? If not you had better formulate one.
All he'll have to do is sit on the beach and offer a foot rub. He knows I'll come out then.

Originally Posted by engineer151515 View Post
That's really rough.

I know. Can I have some more of those hugs?

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Interesting session.

My birthday is in May.
Interesting? Well, you could say that I guess. I'm still having a rough time from having to relive it like that. Shrink wanted to ask me questions today about specific things I said trying to stop Greg from blowing cover. Like what was I thinking when I said this, how did I feel about having said that, etc. One of the things I yelled when he was coming out in super-slow motion was that he wasn't hurt and he would have a much better life than I ever would, because I'd already been shot and might die anyways. I said several other things trying to convince him to stay down, but we all know that failed.
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