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Went over to a friends house to shoot this weekend.

100 rounds cheap MFS 2000 9mm I picked up from Cabela's on sale for $9.95 per 50 box. Glock 19 ate it up. I actually started out with this round just to see how it would feed, on target and rapid fire all good. No FTE

Then ran 20 rounds of Winchester Supreme Elite 124gr 9mm JHP +P, no problem with that of course.

The gun felt great in my hand, and wife loved it as well. I was a bit concerned as she does have weak wrists, but again, no FTE or FTF at all. All my shots were on target and great groupings.

I may go back and pick up some more of the MFS as it was cheap and worked to at least my satisfaction.

Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update. Still haven't cleaned it yet, but may do so after some plunking later this week.

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