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Originally Posted by LWD Armorer View Post
Sorry about that, I am very bad about typing up a note as to what I did and how my test results came out.
FYI for everyone:
I do the work; chamber, feed ramp, fitting, polishing, ect… Then hand cycle dummy rounds and or test fire live rounds, do any extra “necessary” work, and then return ship. As time goes on, I will get better about explaining what I have done.

Thank you every one for your fine comments, as Xaman said in his last sentence: “I’m super happy”. And, that is what we want to achieve. All employees here at LWD really do care. Problems are going to happen and what makes the difference is having a customer that can explain the issue, allow time to resolve and give us proper feed back. This way we can produce better product and eliminate “duplicated issues”.

Thanks Dan. It's working like a champ now, just need to find some more good clean cheap 10mm ammo

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I love this gun!
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