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I had a weird instance last year with a .45 and a Wilson magazine.
It was a 47D mag and would constantly malfunction. One of the dirty little tricks it liked to play, was tossing live rounds out on the ground.

I think this was a combination of the magazine, and the unknown but extra power recoil spring. A switch over to a Metalform magazine solved the round tossing problem, but produced another one. The gun would not lock back after the last round was fired.

I don't think the slide was making it fully to the rear.
A live fire function test with my Gold Cup's hardball spring solved all issues, though it wasn't the Gold Cup that was messing up. I just used the extra spring.

I installed a new variable power recoil spring.

For what it's worth this gun I am talking about is the High Standard Camp Perry model I have written about here before. The one that had taken to dropping to half cock when the slide was released.
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