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I wouldn't worry about cleaning it but I would give it a once over exam to make sure everything looks correct. If it does take it to the range and enjoy it.

Ammo can be tricky I would just buy some ammo and go shoot it. If it does give you any FTE FTF issues then grab a few 100 rounds of 124gr ammo that should help loosen up the spring nicely.

Also welcome to the Gen 4 Club.... Don't worry about the Gen 3 guys there gonna trash talk ya but its just cause there upset about our ultra cool modern adjustable back straps.... Hey not everyone can be in the cool club

by the way Welcome to Glock talk and the above recommendation is what I personally did I didn't lube my Glock. I been told they like a extremely light coat of oil on them.
Glock needs to grow up and stop playing games with its customers.
Glock Finally Recalls RSA on the Gen4 About Time.

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