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New Glock 19 4th Gen (Clean and Ammo) Question


First time posting, short time lurking. I just picked up my first handgun, Glock 19 4th generation, and I'm itching to get it out to the range.

I picked it up two days ago from a local FFL after purchasing using the GSSF discount from Ed's Public Safety. The entire process was incredibly painless with great service on both ends of the transaction.

I've read some threads on the subject, but I'm still a bit confused as to the following.

1. Should I clean the Glock before firing? I've heard conflicting posts as to whether or not it's needed, and then if done, what parts should be cleaned as opposed to being left with factory lubrication.

2. As it's a newer Gen 4, the spring (04) doesn't appear to have the same problems are the earlier production runs (03). Does it matter what grain/quality of ammo I use to break it in or can I go out and immediately use the cheap Wally-World ammo?

Or maybe I'm thinking too much about it and should just go out and break her in as is, with whatever ammo I can afford... lol

Keep up the great work, awesome forum.

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