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Originally Posted by burnsoft View Post
cciman is right, the propper tools make all the difference. I bought a sight aligment tool for the glock a couple of years ago to aligh it for my odd ball sighting at the time. It was about 70 bucks at the time from some glock site, and I was able to tweak my sight with out having to constantly return to the gunsmith to move it over a hair every time. Since then I have use that tool to align the sight on 2 other of my glocks and even replace the rear site on my g26. It's also helped other people at the range move their sights over a hair at the range. Just the ease of moving the sight over or taking it off was worth the money.
Don't you loctite your rear in place?

I drift my sights dead center of the dovetail and confirm with dial calipers and then comes the green or blue loctite.
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