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Originally Posted by RandySmith View Post
I changed the video format to mpg, see if that works for you.

Yes, the follower is the piece of plastic at the top of the magazine spring. The "magazine insert" is the section of plastic that goes between the magazine spring and the floor plate.

Watch the video and let me know if you have any more questions. I think once you see that it will be clear.

Yes, it played now...thank you. And that is exactly what I have been trying to do...but my mag spring is SO stout that I have a great deal of difficulty compressing it (maybe I am just a wimp, or these are brand new mags that have never been loaded...or both) and keeping the magazine insert balanced on it while trying to compress the spring, etc.

After I watched this video, I tried again...and came very close...but just when I had the floor plate sliding onto the magazine, the spring shot out of the magazine, and curse words shot out of my mouth.

I am sure it is just me...

But thanks so much for the video. That makes it look easy, and at least I can take some comfort in knowing that I am trying to do it the right way...and also some embarrassment that I can't do it the right way.
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