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Originally Posted by LWD Armorer View Post
Al Swearengen,
The two pins above the trigger guard. One, trigger pin (larger of the two, closest to the trigger guard); this pin should not be working its way out. The slide stop lever is locked in with the trigger pin. Make sure it is installed correctly. Two, locking block pin (smaller of the two, positioned highest above the trigger); is this a used pin? You are the first to say the pin is moving. All (if they say anything) state the pins are tight.

Might be best to give me a call so we can work this out over the phone, if you like.

Appreciate the reply, I figured out what happened. When the gun smith switched everything over he got oil happy and it found it's way into the pins, this is to say he reassembled it correctly from the beginning which I believe he did although you would know more than I. When the pins worked loose was after the first 10 rounds I noticed them both out about 1/4 to 3/8th of an inch so I pulled them out and re installed them top pin first then bottom pin and of course degreased the pins and pin channels and they aren't moving any longer.

At first I installed the bottom pin first and had problems with the slide lock activating every couple shots, but I looked up the install data and I saw where the top pin must go in first, so I'm hoping all's well.

BTW this is a new gun with only 400 rounds through it so the pins are new.

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