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? problems with production frames

[QUOTE=rsm688;16863544]Lone Wolf wouldn't release a production frame if it had any of those problems, all those have long been taken care of, if you read the thread you would know this.

I am not trying to start a fight but I too am wondering if the problems with the proto frames have been ironed out. I have followed this thread since the beginning because I was on the verge of getting the frame of my G23 cut down when the thread first came up.

Some of the more recent posts about mags dropping loose, etc have not been clear as to if the problem(s) were with production or proto frames. I own other LW products and have always been happy with them and the customer service I have gotten.

Maybe someone from LW can clarify?

If the production frames are not having problems then I will be one of the first in line for one of the Timberwolf frames when they come out for the G23.
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