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1911 mag issue, question

Well I have been experiencing some consistent issues with a new Dan Wesson CCO and was hoping I could get some guidance.

The last round in almost every magazine jumps out, does not chamber and sits loose on top of the magazine, slide is locked back. Sometimes the last round gets jammed nose up. Now more then 500 round through the gun.

The gun has been back to Dan Wesson and they could not reproduce the problem. I have had constant communication with them about the continuing issue. The latest advice is to squeeze the top of the magazines in a vice a bit to apply extra pressure to the last round so it doesnt jump out of the magazine. This is happening with 6 factory magazines that were said to be tested with the gun for me as well as numerous other magazines including new and well proven.

This is my 5th 1911 not a novice...and before you say buy a Glock I already have 7, I carry one every day.

Advice welcome as well as anyone who can give me more detail on "squeezing the top of the magazine, process"....

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