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I see you have great taste in guns. The USPc with the right holster and belt should be very easy to comceal. I know some who carry the fullsize .45 USP daily. I carry a Glock 19 and its about the same size as the USPc. Let us know when you buy it. You already know how HK's are,

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Well I posted in another thread but I went shooting for the first time a few weeks ago with a man on a forum, he let me shoot his g19, sig p250 compact, HK USp Compact 9mm, another Sig cant remember.. But OMG I had so much fun, kinda got get used to the loudness of everyone on the range.. Unfortunately I liked the feel of the HK the best. How hard is the USP compact for concealing on an athletically built guy (no belly)? I will prob get an Mtac if it fits my body frame.
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