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OBAMA 2012
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Originally Posted by HandyMan Hugh View Post
Thank you for your service to our country. I have to disagree with you on some points. IMO, NOBODY is fully qualified to step into the office of the presidency of this country. The job is way too complex. There is a lot of OJT for anyone elected to the position. IMO, Mr. Obama was elected as much by the left wing news media as by the voters. The mainstream media has become nothing but a propaganda machine for the far left politicians in America. IMO, the similarities in foreign policy moves are dictated by the situation and the rational thoughts and ideas of qualified subordinates, not by any inspiration on the part of either president. There were, IMO other people in the last election who brought more experience and more of the 'pre-requisites' to the table than Mr. Obama.

I do agree that American troops in the middle east ARE trying to do good in what appears to be a God-forsaken part of the world. Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters-in-arms for your efforts and service to America.
thank you for the kind words sir. im getting the experience here of a lifetime... leading soldiers is such an honor and very exciting. you make good points about Obama being president - no one is really "qualified," whatever that really means, to be President.. the office itself is a baptized by fire kind of OJT, as you mentioned. nevertheless, President Obama hasnt done anything as far as gun control legislation goes that would anger lawful gun owners like myself. in fact, quite the contrary. Obama lifted the federal ban for CCWers carrying their pieces into national forests and he has no re-enacted any gun control legislation that we had under clinton. people give the president a hard time and love to hate on him. i think, given the hand he inherited, i think he is doing OK. i think one of his flaws is that he tries to please every facet of the political machine... the truth is, you cant do that all the time. like with this DOMA - he is dancing around the issue on how he feels... he just needs to come out and say he supports the institution of marriage between man/woman - or he doesnt. i dont agree with everything he says or does, but I did vote for him and i will continue to support my Commander-in-Chief, be it Obama or anyone else.
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