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Bad day diet and workout wise. I didn't eat breakfast. My son was in the state basketball tournament at noon. His team squeaked out a victory. He wanted to celebrate by going out to lunch. I was weak from lack of food so I ate a rueben and drank 2 pints. I then went home and tried to lift afterwards.

3/5/11. Press 45-8, 95-5,105-5, 120-10, 70x10x10x10x10x10 (last to reps I had to cheat)
Squat clean ( for technique) 45x3. 95x1x1 105x1. 115x1, 125x0x1. 135x1x1
Dl. 225x5. 275x5. 315 x 5. 355x9
Rolloutsx 3 x 3 x3 x2x2
Wide grip pullupsx3x3x3x2x2

First squat cleans in years. I used to have very good form. I sucked badly. First goal is bw squat clean soon.
Todays workout..... Ball sits to failure.

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