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Originally Posted by meshmdz View Post
irrelevant inquiry. the fact is that He IS President and the vast majority of the electorate thought that he did and was qualified to be President. not to mention, the fact that many of his policies and moves in terms of foreign policy are not any different from Dubya. he has escalated troops here in afghanistan which is something he said he wouldnt do in the campaign. nevertheless, i support my commander in chief and have faith that we are attempting to do something of necessity here in this God-awful country.
Thank you for your service to our country. I have to disagree with you on some points. IMO, NOBODY is fully qualified to step into the office of the presidency of this country. The job is way too complex. There is a lot of OJT for anyone elected to the position. IMO, Mr. Obama was elected as much by the left wing news media as by the voters. The mainstream media has become nothing but a propaganda machine for the far left politicians in America. IMO, the similarities in foreign policy moves are dictated by the situation and the rational thoughts and ideas of qualified subordinates, not by any inspiration on the part of either president. There were, IMO other people in the last election who brought more experience and more of the 'pre-requisites' to the table than Mr. Obama.

I do agree that American troops in the middle east ARE trying to do good in what appears to be a God-forsaken part of the world. Thanks to you and your brothers and sisters-in-arms for your efforts and service to America.
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