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I hear the phrase "deadbeat dad" so much it makes me wonder why nobody realizes there are "deadbeat moms" out there too. When my ex took off, (very long time ago) I was left to raise two small kids by myself. Later in court that worked against her. I kept them and she was ordered to pay child support which she never paid. I didn't care much as long as I wasn't paying out the nose to her. It really is unfair, "in the best interest of the child" crap and all, and you live like a pauper. She did things for them but to this day not very much. They are grown now after my 16 years of taking care of them but I feel for ya. I know a guy that had to pay a combined 1200 a month for child support and alimony for just 2 kids. He had to move in with a friend he was so broke. Somethin is wrong there. Get a lawyer, and good luck. Lots of us have been in those tough times.
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