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I thought of this thread a couple of times, on different days, when I was pulling a gun from the safe to carry.

I chuckled when I realized that I didn't know which specific ammunition was presently in each of the guns. I use more than a couple of previous & currently issued service loads for my various pistols, as well as more than a couple of authorized, but personally-purchased, loads for my J-frames. All of the loads have been used to confirm function and similar POI in my various pistols & revolvers, so they meet my needs regardless of which I may be using at any particular time.

It's just that I don't really feel the need to keep track of which specific brand/load of ammunition is loaded in what weapons, magazines, speedloaders & speedstrips all the time ... as long as it's proven ammunition. It's enough to know it's something that has worked, and does work, in my guns. I do like to test-fire ammunition from individual cases & production lots before putting it into service, though.

I tend to pay more attention to my training & practice schedule.

Guess I'm not quite as fussy about ammunition as I used to be ... as long as it's good quality ammunition in the first place.
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