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Originally Posted by pleaforwar View Post

Okay, a couple things to correct:
1) I have trained with Pat Rogers twice and have never heard him recommend using Vagisil. He has said you can use it in a pinch, just like you can use urine in a pinch to lube a carbine. The only lube I have EVER heard him recommend is Slip-2000 products.
2) Don't know if you were in the Corps, but I was, and your conclusion that all Marines shoot a lot is flat out false. Maybe for the MARSOC guys, but hell, I was SAW qualified and never even shot a SAW until I was released from active duty.

Not trying to be a d***, just being honest.

In a pinch....run to the drug store and buy Vagisil? Ok.....What is this article by Pat Rogers saying? Who approved of the pictures/etc:http://www.ar15.com/content/swat/keepitrunning.pdf

Page 5,,,...this is quoted:

I have used every type of lube imaginable,
going from WD-40 (especially good
when you have a dirty gun), to 3 in 1 oil,
suntan lotion, butter and even Vagisil—
don’t laugh, it works.
I may not want to use any of them for
the long haul, but for a quick fix, it beats
having a non-functioning gun.

So, in a pinch, after about 700-1000 rounds when the gun starts getting sluggish......use vagisil...or the butter...or suntan lotion? Whatever is in your pocket you use? How do the vagisil get in your pocket? Since it there, the picture and capture shows you how to use the vagisil.
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