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Originally Posted by jbremount View Post
Simply put it, the fact that the " DI guns eats from the same hole it craps in " is not a life and death deal breaker to most civilians shooters, even in a class. This has been a source of controversial for a long time with the DI guns. Everyone has a "special lube" to use, even Pat Rogers recommended vagisil. Explain carrying vagisil in your pocket to your wife! The piston guns corrects this and gives the gun's bolt control group and chamber area a much longer time between cleanings. Something like 15,000 plus rounds between cleanings. The Marines buying the HK416 is not something they did without testing and forethought. Why would the Marines want an inferior weapon? We are talking Marines! The Marines, including the cooks,the supply and admin personnel shoot their guns in rain/snow/heat/etc. They expend more rounds in all climate conditions than most. Whatever the reasons given for the Marine's purchase of the HK416, I think, it is an end around/creative supply method for them to get the HK416 piston guns in the inventory/supply system for use in the squads.

Okay, a couple things to correct:
1) I have trained with Pat Rogers twice and have never heard him recommend using Vagisil. He has said you can use it in a pinch, just like you can use urine in a pinch to lube a carbine. The only lube I have EVER heard him recommend is Slip-2000 products.
2) Don't know if you were in the Corps, but I was, and your conclusion that all Marines shoot a lot is flat out false. Maybe for the MARSOC guys, but hell, I was SAW qualified and never even shot a SAW until I was released from active duty.

Not trying to be a d***, just being honest.
*FYI- I am not a GT Sponsor. I have consulted for a company who manufacture ARs. My opinion and comments belong to myself and do not represent any other entity*

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