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Originally Posted by vafish View Post

I have to disagree with Category C.

Because a high power competition shooter does not want a M4 type Mil-spec rifle.

They don't want a 16" chrome lined bore, they want a 20-24" match grade hand honed stainless target barrel. They don't want a 6 position M4 stock, they want an A2 stock, they don't want double heat shield hand guards they want a CMP legal free float tube. They don't want a mil-spec trigger they want a Giessel. They don't want mil-spec sights they want target sights.

Matter of fact the only milspec or TDP parts a serious target shooter might want to use is the bolt and extractor.

I don't see many 3-gun competitors shooting Mil-Spec guns either, they are generally much more customized.

If you are a competitor you need a gun tailored to your specific competition needs, not the military's needs.

I would change Category C to a high volume shooter instead of competitor. There are folks out there that like to shoot their rifles a lot, take multi day training classes several times a year, and generally burn through 5K rounds or more a year in their rifles.

Actually to keep some from getting but hurt or insulted by your descriptions I would change A to a low volume shooter, like you mentioned 200-300 rounds a year. Change B to a medium volume shooter, ie 200-300 rounds a month or 2,000-3,000 rounds a year.

I also don't know where you are getting $100 difference between those that meet the TDP (ie Colt or BCM) and the next lower level of guns.

A Bravo Company M4 Mod1 is $1,135 from Bravo Company. Colt 6920 is about the same price.

S+W's, Rock Rivers, Bushmaster, and many others with similar features (features like removable carrying handle, spare mag, sling, ect...) are retailing around $800 right now. That's over a $300 difference. And before someone mentions buying the upper and lower separately from BCM, if I do the same with other mid tier brands I can get their prices down cheaper too.

Now if you are counting on a gun to save your life I really don't think $300 should be the driving factor. But it is quite a bit more then the $100 you claim.
But you dont have to stick with the M4, the M16 or should I say AR15 goverment model is 20" and can be made legal for comp (instalation of correct ff hg's) and its TDP, if you want
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