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Informative post Surf, it was a genuine effort that will likely be unappreciated around these parts.

I've noticed another interesting aspect in classifying shooters/builders/collectors around here recently.

A) Shooters who served in the 70's/80's/90's, whether it be in a LEO or .mil capacity, are the naysayers of the chart, don't like the idea of spending the extra $80 for a BCM, and purveyors of the "my local brand is as good as your national and proven brand", etc. etc.

B) Shooters who served in OIF/OEF/GWOT and current LEO's typically prefer brands regarded as higher quality and more proven. And by proven I mean by thousands of units, not "my friend shoots them so they are the best".

Now this observation is not conclusive, but it is something I have noticed here and at other forums/locations.

On another note, I don't give a flying rodent's behind about what a civilian or LEO ends up with when they are using their money. We are all adults here (at least by legal standards) and we should be able to reach conclusions logically with intelligent discussion.
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