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Originally Posted by mac66 View Post
Somebody read the OP and give me a short synopsis of what he said.
It left me scratching my head too.

It almost apears that he is saying that if an AR meets the TDP standards, then it is "good enough". When people talk about "Mil-Spec" and "TDP", there are somethings they leave out. The Government requires batch testing of certain components and end products. One thing I saw a few years ago was testing on Kevlar helmets. The company in Ohio that produces these is required to pull a small number out of a large batch and test them with a light load 55gr. .223 round. I found that to be odd. The guys shooting at me are likely to be using a 123gr. 7.62x39 round. Why is testing not done with those? If the .223 round does not penetrate, the batch is good to go. I doubt very seriously that every bolt, BCG, CH, lower receiver, barrel, upper receiver, mag release, etc. goes through QC testing. If they did and provided proof for each and every part, I would be very impressed. Are some ARs built to better standards than some others, you bet. These days, I would venture to say that differences are getting fewer. A lot of newer companies have come on the scene and stepped up the game by providing good quality ARs for very reasonable prices. They are giving the "so-called" big dogs a good dose of competition.

People are going to buy what appeals to them. A lot of them have limited budgets and want to get the best bang for their buck. I build most of my ARs because I know what I want. If I want to build a HSLD gun, I will look for some of the best parts available. If I am building a fun gun, I want good quality stuff for a reasonable price. I DO NOT buy junk. My money is too hard to come by to waste it like that. I research all of my builds before I get started. I look around for the product that best suits my needs and then I try to get the best price on it. I have learned how to save money on some things in order to spend a little more where I need it. I have several AR that have over $3K put into them and I have some that have less than $1K put into them. I even have a few that I built for less than $700 that function "flawlessly".

Are all 18 of my ARs good enough? You bet your @$$. Are some of them more than good enough? Yes. Will every one of them kill a man when I need use it for such purpose? Without a doubt.

What category do I fit in? My own.
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