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Good post.

Impatience leading to purchasing something under qualified for your needs is what I cant understand. Finances arent always available for youre ideal firearm at the moment, understandably. How easy is it though to look through your expenses and find multiple spots you can cut back. Im not talking about paying bills late or going hungry. Its as simple as cutting out McDonalds in exchange for PB&J, a couple less trips to the movies or your favorite resturant. Dont buy groceries for eight when theres only two of you in the house. Dont purchase that cheap optic you know you're not going to be happy w/. You'll end up replaceing it. Thats money lost. If you're just punching paper why not buy Wolf or Tula instead of the $300+ a case stuff? Most if not all rifles should function w/ it.

Saving that extra $100 is easy and can, in most cases, be done in a month or less.

My first AR purchase was a LWRC w/ an EoTech. I caught some flac over it. But I took it to heart and learned from it. My experience, sample of one, has been great. I do however understand some guys have experienced problems w/ theirs. If I had the 3k to do over again, who knows.
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