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The following places of business come to mind for just this past week where I have open carried. Several of them saw me more than once during the week.

o McDonald's
o A bank.
o Sears
o A seafood restaurant
o Barnes and Noble
o Border's Books
o Costco
o Local Grocery store
o Gas station
o Touchless car wash in another gas station (had to get out of car so gun was seen)
o Glory Days restaurant
o Several shoe stores
o Kohl's
o Old Navy
o Staples

There are more, but these are the ones that came to mind quickly. As for the bank, I carried concealed in there but the lower portion of the holster and the front of the slide was visible. The reason is that they do have a posted sign (for revolvers which was pointed out to me by an employee), but they have been bought by another bank which recognizes Virginia's laws. This bank does not yet have the new bank's signage up yet so I suspect the no-revolver sign will disappear when that happens. I have asked several times if they are operating under the policies and procedures of their new owner and they have informed me that they are so in reality, that no-revolver sign is meaningless. Otherwise, I would not carry in there.
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