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Originally Posted by TSA View Post
The XD will need some break in. The gun you fired was probably a rental or a friends gun that has had many rounds through it and is now smoother. The XD especially the mag release is really tight. For XD/XDM, a Springfield Custom Shop rep quoted to me "Yes, they need about 250 to 500 to get it running smooth but not every XD/XDM will need that many". It took me about 250 for my XD45c and 500 for my XD40 before they were running really smooth. Mag release, recoil spring, ejecting.
I own / owned 2 XDs (purchased NIB), a .45 Compact and a .40 Tactical. Both were flawless from day one. Yes, the mag release is tight, but that can be worked out without firing. My friend has / had 8 of them with the same results.

The issue with the mag release on the GEN 4, is if you both shoot the gun you don't want to be flipping it back and forth, that will get old quick. I know a few lefties and they insist on learning the mag release the way it is (using their index finger) so it doesn't limit what they can shoot. It's not like it's awkward, like say manipulating a single sided safety as a southpaw. Although it's a bit different, when I shoot my H&Ks, I manipulate the mag release with my trigger finger.
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