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Originally Posted by LEOINTRAINING View Post
I went to Joseph Beth Booksellers in Lexington Ky. (Davis Kidd in TN) with my wife tonight. We have been going there for years and my wife worked there for 3 years as a manager.
I've gone there countless times open carrying, with no incident, and I've made it a point to look for any "no concealed weapons" signs. So, I went there tonight carrying concealed as I have my CCDW, and after I took my light jacket off I was open carrying. KY is a pre-emptive open carry state, meaning no local government can override the open carry law. The only caveat is that private property owners can specify they don't want concealed carry on their premises, as all you guys are probably aware. They had no sign posted on their front door, which we entered. There we are in the back of the store reading magazines on a couch, when 6 uniformed officers surround me and tell me to stand. An officer takes my side-arm. They ask for my permit, and I say that I am not breaking any laws. I am a Police Studies major at E.K.U. and know for a fact that they have to have a sign posted by law. They escort me out and secure my side-arm in my truck. One officer said, "This is Lexington, you need to keep it concealed". The security at J.B.B. called the police after an anti-gun person told them I was carrying. I asked the officer where the sign was posted, and he said on another door. I know that KRS says the sign should be clearly and visible posted, and they sure do not have that covered. Also, they could have just asked me to leave. I was very cooperative and the officers were for the most part cordial, but they pretty much said, "give up your right to open carry cause of the anti-gun people." Please Boycott JOSEPH BETH BOOKSELLERS; they are anti-gun. Even their security said, "I have a CCDWL and they won't let me carry here either" Come on, these people need to get a clue.
sounds like it went ok, but could have gone better.

I will be calling NRA-ILA tomorrow to see if I have a case to sue.
i very seriously doubt it.
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