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Originally Posted by deezy68 View Post
Hey everyone,

New member here, so pardon my newb-ness of the subject matter, as this seems to be debated a million times over everywhere I look.

My wife and I are looking to purchase our first handgun for recreational and home purposes. Trying to decide between a Glock 19 or a Springfield XD9...

Before replying, here's where we're at:
- We have shot both firearms (my wife prefers the Glock)
- I'm a lefty, she's a righty (ambi mag release is a plus for me)
- Price point is somewhat of a factor (XD is about $50-100 cheaper in my area)
- XD grip safety (pro or con?)
- Neither of us will not be carrying this firearm

That's about it. I know Glock users will tell me get the Glock and all others will say XD...and obviously, this is, which I'm aware of

Other questions:
- If Glock: Gen 3 or 4?
- If Springfield: XD or XDm?

Just looking for some unbiased and honest opinions for a first time gun buyer! I can't make up my mind!!!

Thanks in advance...

I say pick up a 1911.
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