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Glock vs XD

I purchased my first Glock, a Gen 3, 19, about 4 years ago. It became my everyday carry. I was and am very pleased with it. (previously carried a Ruger SP 101)
About 18 months ago I purchased an XD Sub Compact 9mm, carried it for a while. Overall, I was not satisfied with the XD ... I have big hands which caused some issues with the grip safety, I found the 19 more accurate , tighter ...
Both ran flawlessly for me, no malfunctions.
About three weeks ago I traded the XD in on a Glock 30 SF - got a chance yesterday to put 150 rounds thru it, performed great, no problems. If it continues to be reliable at the range, it will be my primary carry.
While both guns are from reliable manufacturers, I prefer the ruggedness and reliability of the Glock ... just my experience and opinion.
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