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Originally Posted by lawdog734 View Post
Why I carry a kimber and waste $800, why not get a highpoint then you are only out $150. And according to the guy at the gunshow they have a life time guarantee
ROFL!!! I decided to hold off on a nice 1911, and instead bought the RCBS Rock Chucker Master reloading kit along with about every thing I need to load 308win. I ended up spending right at or a little over 1k on the kit, RCBS casing polisher, dies, 3 different powders, Sierra Match Kings (168gr), and Speer 165gr SPBT's, 100 extra brass casings, primers, etc etc.

I was real close to buying the Kimber in the TLE Pro however I put the 1911 on the back burner. I appreciate all the information this community has provided me on 1911's. I absolutely have much more knowledge in regards to quality and brands than before I started this thread. When I actually break down and buy a nice 1911 it won't be a Kimber. Nothing wrong with them at all, and feedback from owners at the range I recently visited were outstanding as well. That being said I want want more of a custom 1911 than what Kimber offers and Les Baer among other makes fit that role more so.

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