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Originally Posted by mixflip View Post
Hoppes, maybe thats my problem? I'll get me some SLIP and see how thing go?

Gunnut, I saw a video where the guy melts the gas tube on a select fire M4...and I too thought that was a waste. The gun was never designed to me a "machine gun".

Man that was a painful video to watch.

I settled on a Colt 6920, which is obviously a DI gun. One of my main reasons is that pound for pound quality, you get more with a DI gun. You can get a great deal on a piston gun, but it won't be as well built, or as well inspected as a DI gun. (Colt) I have no issues with a gun that needs to be lubed to run. (see avatar). I like to clean my guns, and I even completely break down my Glocks to every last part to clean the, except the slide lock lever and the magazine catch.

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