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I agree. I dont think there are any arguments that any DI or piston AR cant perform in a 5 minute or less (statistically speaking) gun battle in your home. My sole reason for choosing my M8 was solely based on my desire to not have to clean that dang star chamber at the end of the day. Thats it period. Any other benefit the gun has is just icing on the cake for me because thats the one and only feature that I cared about was the clean star chamber.

I am not claiming that the DI system is not capable of shooting 1000's of rounds flawlessly all day. I know DI guns are amazing guns but I just wanted that "one" feature that DI guns could not give me....and that was simply a clean star chamber at the end of the day. Nothing more nothing less.

I never said I crawl in dirt or expect to be getting into "firefights" on a daily/hourly basis? I have already stated that I am not hard core so in reality I probably dont even need mil-spec top tier parts to do the low level of shooting I do? All I wanted was that "one" feature that my M8 gives me and for some reason nobody can wrap their heads around that fact? Why is a clean star chamber such a bad feature to desire?

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