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Originally Posted by mstennes View Post
Can you mix and match piston parts from different manufacturers? Hey I said I have a piston LWRC, bought to see the hoopla, I didnt see any. If I want a piston again in 223/556 it will be a SCAR or ACR or XCR.
I dont know since I have never tried it? That would make for a really good review video if I could find a few guys that are willing to let me use their guns? I have personally handled several piston BCG's (Stag, HK, Sabre Defense and Remington at Shot Show, to name a few) and I have to admit, while they are not technically standardized, they did look identical as far as the BCG.

The piston op rods were all different though. Some had AK style op rods while others had a spring cup design (like your LWRC which I am not a fan of that design for my own reasons)

I really hate getting into these di vs piston debates because no one ever wins. As a matter of fact I am not even trying to win...I am merely trying to clear up some of the false information and hate hype about piston guns.

Piston AR's arent better, they just have a different set of issues and thats where the preferences will be decided.

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