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From NC: OC legal and protected by court cases.
Had this happen to me today.
Copied from local OC forum that I regular.

Troubled at Food Lion....
but the manager was one of us. (Albemarle Rd, east charlotte)

I was shopping with my wife, OCing a G23C in a Don Hume leather holster, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.
I was in the frozen food section with my wife when an older, larger gentleman with his two grandkids (I'm assuming) stopped me and asked if I was store security.
I told him I was not, and he asked why I was carrying a gun. I told him it was for self protection.
He told me that carrying the gun this way was illegal and I shouldn't be doing it. (repeatedly)
I informed him that NC is an open carry state and that carrying in the fashion that I was, is perfectly legal. He said that he was a Sheriff Deputy, and that OC was not legal. I said that it was, and that there are court cases that say so.

He then changed his tactic. He said that the store was posted and that only LEO can carry there. I corrected him again, and said that I shop here frequently, and that the store is not posted. He told me again that I was wrong.
I asked which county he was a deputy for, and he pulled out CMPD (retired) ID, and then current Mecklemburg Deputy ID. I stated again that OC was legal and that I was doing nothing wrong, wished him a good day and started to walk away. He said, " well I'm going to go get the management and have a talk with them about you."

The next isle over, i'm getting the lasagna from the freezer section and I see the gentleman with a food lion employee (appears management) so I smile and wave at them. The man says, "That is the guy I was talking about right there."
The lady (management) says "I'm going to go get the store manager and he is going to talk to you."
I say OK and keep shopping.

On my way to check out, I see the manager (button down shirt and tie), the lady (other manager), and the gentleman talking. It sounds like he is telling them that they are wrong, so I keep walking to check out. As I'm checking out, the manager is waiting just past the bagger. I have my wife finish checking out and go talk to the manager.

I asked if he was waiting for me, and he said that he was. I said that we can talk now if he wants. He informed me that he didn't need to talk to me, he was just waiting for me to leave. I inquired why. His response was something along these lines:
-The way I was carrying made some people nervous (I asked if he was referring to the deputy)
-The customer service manager (the lady I saw) was nervous about the gun as well, and didn't want to talk to me
-He was in the parking lot trying to leave when they called him back in to talk to me about the gun
-He agreed to stay in the store until I left to make the CS manager and the deputy happy.
-He told them that that it was my RIGHT as an AMERICAN to have my firearm, and it didn't matter if they were uncomfortable. The store isn't posted and a customer can carry any way they feel like it. He was not going to infringe on anybody's rights. Food Lion is not a bank or a school. (He wished food lion would let him carry when he was there.)

He pretty much told the Deputy that he was wrong and to quit complaining.
He told the other manager that guns are fine.
He was completely for firearms.

All in all, a pretty good outing.
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