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I own both....3 LWRC's and 2 Noveske's, and they both work. The "gimmick" thing is ridiculous (no offense gentlemen, but the "gimmick" thing was relevant 2 or 3 years ago, not any longer.....because the piston was newer and if I had to guess most of you claiming the "gimmick" thing are over the age of 40 and very skeptical to anything new for your trusty DI AR's) OP you should go with what options YOU prefer. That is what it's all about.....OPTIONS! Here is an extensive review on an older LWRC rifle, before any of the new OPTIONS (which are now standard) were available on their rifles.


I've only owned and shot LWRC's, so I can't speak for any other piston AR's. I have an M6A2 with the older 2 piece carrier with over 7,000 rounds through it, and it has no carrier tilt issues, and the accuracy is close to my Noveske's (for what I do with them, no bench shooting for me). With that being said, I'm not against DI either. Both of my Noveske's have been flawless, and I'm looking to get a BCM gov't 20" upper. Go with either/or...and you'll be a happy camper! sheeeshhh....
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